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Basic Elements of Ayurveda
Our ancient ayurveda is supposed to be based on Five basic elements. However if we go in depth to describe these elements, they are found linked to the five human sense organs. Ayurveda is so advanced that in its model of nature it reduces matter to the existence of the smallest part, confirmed by modern science and thus we get the Ayurveda basic elements. These elements are as follows-
» Space or Akasha
» Air or Vayu
» Fire or Agni
» Water or Jal
» Earth or Prithvi
These five elements are need to be understood in both the material as well as a subtle sense. By earth we mean not only the terrain of our planet, but also the strength and determination of one’s moral fiber, one’s slow and quiet advancement towards a targeted goal and the ability to resist the manifestations and evil characterstics of others.

By water we mean the fluid of cohesive aspects of reality that holds things together, perfectly and simply proof its presence in the form of ubiquitous water molecule.

By fire we mean to clear the doubt from heart and replaces it with joy. It is the universal force that produces both heat and radiates light (source of energy). It is our zeal to continue despite any obstacles and delays. It is what burns away the external coat of ignorance and allows character of Truth to shine with a unique brilliance.

Air is a transparent and rarefied part of nature. It is a kinetic force which sets the universe in motion. It allow the blood to move through the vessels, wastes out of the body, thoughts to come into mind and moves all the planets around their sun.

Space is the most hidden of all the elements which is found to be everywhere and touches everything. In the mind it is a kind of vessel which receives all impressions, in the heart an area that accepts love. Space is actually the reception and acceptance of truth.

Ayurvedic effects and usage
Looking at various aspects of Ayurvedic treatment it can be said that compared to other forms of treatment Ayurvedic treatment is more advantageous in various cases as it has lesser side effects than chemical treatment.

According to Ayurveda Herbs maintain the proper functioning of the body systems. As an appetizer many Herbs helps in the digestion and absorption of food. These works by supplying the body with many different essential nutrients required for revitalization. They work naturally and support the body's own healing process. Because of having diverse chemical constitution, they are effective in small doses and produce few side effects. Some herbs work as general tonics that helps in nourishing and rebuilding body tissues. Some of them have good affinity for a specific system and can be used for the treatment of related imbalances or symptoms.

Ayurvedic treatment considered being very gentle and non-invasive form. Ayurvedic treatment proves to be quite effective if used in proper manner. Herbs can be used as a preventive medicine and to strengthen the immune system. For curing serious illnesses like cancer and certain autoimmune diseases. Ayurvedic treatment is a very effective complimentary therapy to allopathy. It provides nourishment and support to the body as it is a more intense form of treatment and may reduce life force. Ayurvedic treatments are of various forms, for both external and internal use. Internal forms include intake of tinctures, flower essences, encapsulated herbs, fresh herbs and essential oil dilutions. External forms of treatment include usage of herbs and essential oil blends, salves, liniments and lotions topically.

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