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Mother Herbs has 10 acres of land in the region of Northern India, which comprises of 2 acres of warehouse space.

We employee more than 150 permanent and 400 temporary skilled and non-skilled labor and a staff of 20-25 professionals who are highly proficient and qualified. Most of the pure herbs (spice herbs, medicinal herbs, cosmetic herbs) in our herbs list are wild crafted from all over India, while few are cultivated by own using advance techniques of farming. We have 1000 metric tones of closed storage space to avoid the products from any kind of unusual atmospheric conditions.

Around 200 metric tone's of open shades in the close proximity of the productive field that assist in timely storing of the product after harvesting. These provide the facility of shade drying of 5000 kilograms of product per day to prevent (or inhibit) microorganisms and hence preserve the food and to reduce the weight and bulk of food for cheaper transport and storage.
Shade DryingShade Drying
The drying can be done in the sunlight or in shade. The shade drying takes longer but is supposed to be a very efficient method of drying because it does seem to preserve more of the herb's aroma, nutritional content and freshness that determine the quality of Herbs. They need to be stored away from direct sunlight or heat as these rob the herbs of their potency. When the herb is dried (whether root, leaves, stem or flower) they should be placed into a dry container.

The amount of time that they need to dry will vary according to the plant and the conditions. At Mother Herbs we do shade drying in a manner that there is no infestation or no direct sunlight. This insures that all essential ingredients are retained in the products. In spite of having very large area of storage we are able to maintain necessary hygienic conditions and avoid the infestation of herbs from any harmful microorganisms.

Our basic infrastructure comprises of the following units and machinery.

Grading Unit» Grading Unit - Quality grading of natural produce not only facilitates its marketing but also helps sellers and buyers to choose a particular commodity. We take special measures to ensure that in a given lot the produce is of a uniform quality and specification according to set standards. By this way we ensure that the right price is set for different qualities. It proves to be very beneficial for us at the time of sale.

» Blending Unit - used for size reduction and mixing the plant material until the material is of the finest quality and gets properly mixed. Provides excellent mixing consistency for powders, granules and some slurry. Our blending range is provided with reverse spiral, double ribbon agitator - 6 or 8 ribbons that delivers uniform, high capacity blended product. This ensures the superior quality product in the market.

» Pulverizer – used for maintaining the proper size of the product by breaking up the lumps and eliminating the unusual size of the product. Our pulverized range consists of beaters that are harder and fully mechanized. Pulveriser grinds almost all-herbal products, fruits, herb roots, leaves, bark of tree and is found to be suitable for both wet pulpy and dry crushing

» Siever - It is used for size classification of materials that have been subjected to other means of size reduction. By this way we do the separation of a mixture of various-sized particles, either dry or suspended in a liquid, into two or more portions, by passing through screens of specified mesh sizes. Sieving ensures that the product is of uniform size and removes the unwanted material from the final product.

AFFS » AFFS (Automated Form Fill and Sealer) - Commonly called as Weighing Automated Sealer, having large metal body and can absorb more heat, this unit has an additional timer to hold down the arm for cooling and eliminating manual holding down of the sealing arm. Sealing machine of this type also have wider sealing ribbons and giving rise to a wider seal width that saves the time and labor for packaging and fasten the process of packaging.

» Washing and Cleaning Machine -The removal of soil and stones can be done by handpicking or by sieving. Some types of produce can be washed, brushed, or cleaned with a soft cloth. Cleaning produce by hand polishing or machine brushing can remove light soil contamination or dust from produce, especially fruit. This is done with care since damage to the skin of fresh produce will promote early decay.

Washing and Cleaning MachineWashing is required to clean produce, which has acquired latex stains from injuries caused during harvesting. We examine the product very well and washing is carried out only when absolutely essential. We use only clean, running water for washing. At Mother Herbs washing of produce in recalculated or stagnant water is avoided because it can quickly become heavily contaminated with decay organisms, leading to heavy rotting of the washed produce.

When washing is done the produce are spread out in a single layer on raised racks of mesh or slats, in the shade and exposed to good ventilation to aid rapid drying.

We have automated washing and cleaning assembly line that Operate to wash or clean products to remove impurities and unnecessary material.

We have unlimited access to underground water which is in plenty in our area. We endeavor to do rain water harvesting in years to come to save this invaluable water resource.

» Weighing Machine - Weighing is very essential and integral part of the production and operation processes in most of the industries. The packaging system continually monitors its accuracy using trend feedback from the check weighed and uses that information to automatically regulate up-line machinery. The weighing accuracy provides increased packet weight accuracy and minimal give away. Real-time production information made available on computers makes it easy to manage and control production

» Taping Machine - can do both horizontal and vertical banding. Successful development and manufacture of this machine has completely changed the current traditional method of binding finished packed product clumsily and slowly by hand and realized binding product full-automatically and quickly with paper tape. With such characteristics as easy operation, artistic and firm binding, high efficiency and low cost it has got wide applications in packaging in Mother Herbs.

Strapping Machine» Strapping Machine – We have fully automated strapping machine, which has high-speed strapping (2.2 seconds per strapping cycle, 27 straps per minute or 1620 straps per hour). It has the ability to adjust tension level at will up to 90 kilograms or 180 bps. Features of these fully automated strapping machines are - Easy loading and unloading comprehensive applications, Machine standalone use or link with any factory unmanned production/packaging system aluminum alloy casting for main machine component and built for 24 hrs.continous operations.

Machinery for Herbal Extraction

Herbal Extraction» Herbal Extraction Plant – Mother Herbs is having complete range of extraction equipment and machinery versatile for the processing of any kind of Herbal products and natural material by various solvent extracting techniques. The plant can be used for solvent extraction with not only aqueous but also with a polar or any non- - polar solvent. The unit extracts the product with maximum recovery of the active ingredient in the extract The body of the plant is of stainless steal with a capacity ranges from 12'' dia. to 60'' dia. The plant consists of shredding machine, pulp & seed separation machine, press, filters and agitator. We have steel fabricated oil extracting machinery, provided with a crammer shaft that gives extra cramming of the seed, which helps in providing substantially higher yield and better quality. Inorder to maintain the proper temperature during herbal extraction we have shell and tube type heat exchangers having very high capacity .Our reactors consists of stainless steel body provide with internal coil vessel.

» Distillation Column – employed for the distillation and extraction of essential oils from herbs/shrubs/leaves/roots or whole plant by passing the saturated steam based on the principle of difference in the volatility. It assists in the purification of Extract. Our distillation column is of reactor type for high temperature and pressure and with bubble cap trays that helps in avoiding harm caused due to temperature fluctuation.

» Boilers - Boiling is a method ideal for the rapid extraction of low-boiling-point volatile from small amounts of plant material, oleoresin from different herbs, absolute from flowers and active constituents from medicinal plants. Our boiling range is equipped with fully automatic, semi automatic as well as manual mode of operation. Safety features included - flame detection, pressure relief, and flame flash back. Thermal efficiency is of 88% ± 2. Due to larger heating surface & efficient burner with high CO2 content exhaust. We are able to maintain clean combustion, almost free of air pollutants.

Mother Herbs offers one of the best shipping rates for all major destinations of the world. We have direct tie-ups with major shipping lines and reputed Clearing House agents. Our Customer Care Executive keeps complete tracking of all the shipments at different point of time and provides detail information in case of any query.

Evergreen, Indamax, Maersk are few of the common Shipping services we avail for U.S.A. For European we use major shipping services like Hamburg sud, Hi-Toss, C.G.M-C.M.A, SCI etc.

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