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Organic means our food is not grown in presence of chemical fertilisers or pesticides (either used or already present in the soil) and is also not genetically engineered or modified. Fresh organic produce contains many additional vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Organic medicinal herbs proved beneficial as these protect us from toxic and chemical induced diseases and nourish our body promoting good health. Non-organic food although appears to be cheaper, but it adversely costs our health, our eco-systems and taxes to pay caused by the disasters that chemical farming create. Organic Agriculture is feeding people all around the world.

Organic herb plants are the herbs grown using organic farming methods. Organic farming does not include the use of synthetic inputs, such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming involves application of natural processes such as seed meal, greensand and rock phosphate instead of chemical fertilizers. A variety of different methods are nowdays employed inorder to improve soil health such as crop rotation, green manure, cover cropping, application of compost and mulching. Organic herb gardening is gaining popularity day by day because organic herb gardening lower or eliminate external agricultural inputs(synthetic inputs) and enhances agro-ecosystem health.

Organic herbs growing come under an agricultural production management program that operate for the promotion and enhancement of biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. It stressed upon use of minimal off-farm inputs and management practices that restore maintain and enhance ecological balance.

Organic Gardening
Soil preparation
Successful organic gardening depends upon the large part of soil you build. Start with any native soil and keep on adding the right organic nutrients nourish the plants. Then the bed is left for mellowing for a month or more and gets growing.

Step One
Evaluate the native soil. Whether you have tested or drawn any conclusions, determine its need of macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. Use own experience or ask a gardener to teach about the additional nutrients that local soils need for the farming of a particular herb.

Step Two
Amend the soil with elemental organic fertilizers. Per bag are having only one or two ingredients. Find local sources for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements and further be committed for the use of organic methods only.

Step Three
Improve the native soil by adding organic matter that serves two important benefits - more water retention and better drainage. Animal manure is combined with organic matter and nutrients along with other organic matter such as ground bark, compost, leaf mold or peat moss.

Step Four
Read fertilizer labels and applies the amount to the garden area in the same quantity as mentioned on the labels. Use this rule for adding organic matter - 3 inches of native soil can suitably incorporate 4 to 6 inches of combined manure, compost and other nutrients.

Step Five
Add an inch of sand to this mixture plus lime if indicated after that start digging the elements together. Finally make it sure that no separate layers form after tilling.

Propagation is the most crucial part of a plant’s life because if there is no successful propagation, plants can’t live long to reproduce. Cloning is considered as one of the most exciting propagation techniques because it facilitates a gardener to reproduce any favorite plant. But as compared to propagation the process seems to be a bit challenging. The main purpose of a growing medium is to hold oxygen, water and nutrients and enchors the root system providing proper support.

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