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The function of Ayurvedic herbs is to purify skin & eliminate vitiated Doshas from the body, as they are mainly responsible for skin disorders & other diseases. Several herbs have been mentioned in Ayurveda, which can be used to obtain healthy skin & glowing complexion.

It is the use of aromatic essential oils to benefit the body - in emotional and physical health and beauty. Science has discovered that our sense of smell plays a significant role in our overall health. Essential Oils are volatile, aromatic substances, which have a long tradition of use in natural medicine, perfume, incense, skin and health care. Using the Essential Oils for therapeutic purposes is known as Aromatherapy and has been practiced for thousands of years. Aloe vera, Apricot kernel, Rose hip oil, peach kernel, Mango and lime aroma, marigold extract are few of the essential oils Mother Herbs supply in the manufacturing of cream bases, conditioners, shampoos, bathing lotions, deodorant and other cosmetics.

An essential oil is inhaled and directed by the olfactory system to the limbic system of the brain. In turn the brain responds to the particular scent affecting our emotions and chemical balance. Essential oils are also absorbed by the skin and carried throughout the body via the circulatory system to reach all internal organs.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are widely used in making perfumes to add fragrance to skin care products, to prevent cold or simply to freshen the air. In baths, foot baths, or hand baths, to warm or relax cold limbs or, when slightly colder water is used, to create a stimulating effect, to cool sunburn massage oils and other skin care oils, to increase blood circulation. By carefully choosing one or more oils, you can experience beneficial effects promoting overall health - and even specific targets. Benefits depend upon the unique nature of each person's response to an aromatic stimulus.

Role of Mother Herbs
Mother Herbs is a leading supplier of fresh Aloe vera juice, Flax seed oil, Fenugreek oil and other herbal products to various parts of U.S.A, Germany, and Europe. These products form the major ingredients of the cosmetic industry. It feeds the skin while softening and removes wrinkles and age spots. The results are noticed to be very amazing.

Mother Herbs offer an extensive selection of natural hand made soap making ingredients and Aromatherapy products for everyone from weekend hobby soap makers to high-volume soap makers, salon and spa professionals. Our entire lines of soap making supplies are handpicked for quality and value. Our essential oils and base oils are tested in cold process we are major suppliers of Azadirachta indica, Hibiscus rosa sinensis, Aloe vera, Ocimum sanctum and various other herbs for which description and usage can be found in Ayurvedic inscriptions.

Creams are mixtures of oils or fats with water. Since water and oils are not miscible, it is necessary to add an emulsifying agent that avoids their separation. Creams are therefore stable emulsions of oils or fats. Medicinal properties are added to creams when they use or are made with tinctures, infusions, oil infusions, essential oils or decoction. Creams are permeable allowing the skin to breathe and sweat. Their water content and some additional hydrophobic agent like Glycerin promotes the hydration and cooling of the skin.

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